What is my Identity?

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Recent movements in our culture have generated new discussion about how we as human beings identify ourselves.  People are being told that having their gender identity forced upon them is unnatural, and they should have the ability to choose their identity.  There was a story back in July of this year on theBlaze.com’s website (click here) and the headline of the article informed the reader that the mother of a child in Canada is wanting her daughter registered as gender unknown.  The mother’s philosophy is she wants the child to choose their gender as they grow up.  The question one must ask is, “Why not stick to the natural gender the child is born with?”

In the United States, there is an identity crisis taking place and who would have ever thought that we would have to discuss the idea of choosing our gender identity?  As New Testament Christians, what does our response need to be?  How might we reach out to these people who are truly in an identity crisis?  My first suggestion to you is we need to take time to get to know these people.  We need to take time to listen to their story and find out why they have an identity crisis.  By taking the time to get to know them, we demonstrate to them that we care for them both physically and spiritually.  Isn’t that what Jesus did in John 4?  Before He told her who He was, He demonstrated through talking with her that He cared for her and her eternal salvation.  If we follow this same model, we will begin to have a similar effect on those around us.

My second suggestion is once we demonstrate to people who have an identity crisis that we care for them, we need to show them that by becoming a New Testament Christian, their identity is in Christ.  Consider what Paul said in Colossians 3:3, “For you died, and our life is hidden with Christ in God.” By giving people this hope, they will be able to begin a proper healing process.


About Tyler Binkley

Accredited Meteorologist, Alumnus of Western Kentucky University, and Alumnus of the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies in Nashville, TN. Youth Minister at the Bearwallow Road church of Christ. Grew up in Ashland City, TN. God and weather are my passions. Writer for the blog Purely The Truth. Feel free to send me an email anytime.
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One Response to What is my Identity?

  1. Mildred Harris says:

    Amen. You said it so much better than my attempt was. Keep up the great work you are doing.


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